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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I left a land base to have a life of relative freedom from the pressures of councils and government bodies but it seems i am being hastled even when cruising the canals and passing on a few details and pictures of life afloat.
It has just been announced that British Waterways are claiming copyright on pictures taken along their waterway system. WHAT!!!!! Yes it seems that in a bid to raise funds following a large redution in funding from DEFRA they propose to charge a fee for photographs of their system.
I have seen in the past in places like Biminghams Gas St basin that permission to film professionaly must be obtained from BW but i assumed this was more a safety thing than revenue raising.
Don`t know how they are going to charge you people out there who take snaps on a visit to the canals but it seems they are aware of just how many boaters do blogs and publish pictures and i suppose that like the poor old motorist the boaters blog will be easy pickings.
Can you imagine a group of BW employees will be tasked with reading blogs all day and producing a bill to send to us with our annual licence demand, lets face it like the car owner being identified by his registration plates we boaters also have a licence plate.
Well i`ve never been a one to get up a petition but this has got me wild so please click on the comments button below and back us bloggers. PLEASE


les said...

Don`t forget to put the ``DATE`` when you place your protest.

les said...

PS Preparing a blog in next couple of days AND with pics, SOD BW

grey wolf said...

Hi i was always told that copyright belonged to the photographer.Certain iconic buildings i believe are said to be copyright of that buildings owner or designer.I think that i am also right in saying that provided money does not exchange hands no copyright fee can be charged.

I agree that the canal system belongs to everyone and thus we all own the rights if anyone does.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
I cant believe evn BW ould pull a stunt like this surely ? Amazing, anyway as you say sod 'em, keep taking your photo's and keep publushing them here too, your blog is very entertaining.
Catch up with you one of these days.We were at Stoke Bruerne at Easter and back down to Marsworth currently.All the best.
Blue Pearl

Carol said...

Les I thought the same as Grey Wolf. Copyright automatically belongs to the photographer. If you use a photograph provided by BW then you may have to pay copyright. Click away mate. They wont have the DEFRA funding to employ someone to go through all the blogs.

les said...

Now let me see what are you all commenting on?
Oh yes it was that blog i did on APRIL 1st wasn`t it!!!!!!!!

antinady said...

Think you need those little legs slapped for that one!!!!

les said...

Hi Tina
Was naughty and i`ll accept my punishment.

Sue said...


NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs