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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Well I`ve just before the Easter w`end celebrated my 60th birthday and below you can see me blowing out the candles on a chocolate cake aboard NB YTENE the home of my friends and travelling companions Andy&Tina. Thanks guys that was a nice thought much appreciated.
So Easter w`end being the closest to my birthday I went down south to Bedfordshire and took the kids and the G`children out for a meal, ended up 14 of us and the debit card didn`t exactly melt but got a little warm. So below at rear left to right Jordan, Nicole with Keira on her lap and then Lena-May. In the foreground the boys sticking together Keirnan, Jack & Teo who decided the balloon was more important than looking at the camera.
Arriving back from the birthday meal with the kids, below you can see John on NB TUI has caught us up after being delayed by late running maintenance on the Buckby flight of locks so now we can start travelling.
Below the Barley Mow at Newbold (Rugby) that has been our local for a fortnight while waiting for John. It is now under the management of John&Tina and i can highly recommend the food and the hospitality of both John/Tina. No not that John(TUI) and certainly not that Tina(YTENE)
The original route of the canal went right past the door of the Barley Mow above.
So after filling up our water tanks we set off through the Newbold tunnel complete with its lighting. This tunnel was built in the 1820s when the Oxford was straightened, the original tunnel can still be seen in the churchyard across the road from the Barley Mow.
Came across this list of Oxford canal bye-laws and in case you can`t read it some are listed.

Coal vessels on Thames below Oxford will be confiscated.
Pleasure boats first 2 miles free.
Horse leaders must be over 10.
Boat steerers must be over 18.
Oxford bound boats have priority.
No boat to have cattle frightening horn or equipment.
A lot of the bridges in the Rugby area are decorated, beats graffiti.

Above and below are pictures of Charity dock boat yard on the Coventry canal near Bedworth. More like a scrap yard than a boat dock, in the top pic you can see a Dell Boy yellow 3 wheeler sticking out of the tree.

The last post was a joke, after all it was April 1st, Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying my hospitality and cooking aren't that good? No more birthday cake for you!!!! lol

Les Biggs said...

You know i meant you and john wern`t running the pub,although, no on second thoughts not a good partnership.

Sue said...

Well, bus pass time Les!!

WOW looks like you had a great birthday party with the family, and you are looking as if you are enjoying it.

Belated greetings then from Vic and me.. enjoy your cruising now that John has caught up and see you hopefully in the Autumn

Sue xx

Les Biggs said...

Hi Sue
Have to sort the buss pass out next time i go back for a visit.
See you about
Be safe

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs