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Monday, June 04, 2007


This collection of chinaware contains if i remember the landlady correctly 172 Teapots displayed

in all bars and the restaurant of the Willeymoor lock Tavern on the L`gollen. I have seen many collections of all sorts in the many HIC! pubs along the canal but thought this one the best so far.
The close up shows the artists easel with the tubes of paint his hat and coat hung on the side and a pot of brushes at the top Every teapot was a different subject and all could produce a cuppa eveven this Jukebox.

This canal wear shop is on a butty (unpowered boat) and is towed behind a narrowboat that

the husband/wife lived aboard. All the paint decoration on the many items on sale was done on board. Sales were good at this spot on the Llangollen as it was a popular stopping place for holiday makers and the people in cars just out for a canal walk.

The sun was shining and the pitch was canalside so why not put your feet up and have a grandstand view from the front deck of NB `VALERIE` And while i watched this little Robin

flew on and off the boat hopping around my feet picking up insects from between the non slip deck matting and at one time he perched on my foot and also had the cheek to fly into the boat
and knick the breadcrumbs off the breadboard in the kitchen half way up the boat.

Goodnight everyone.


Unknown said...

How lovely. Can't get a Robin nicking your breadcrumbs in a house!! Wish the little buggers would stop twittering all night though!!

Les Biggs said...

Hi Carol
The Owls are noisier in places at night.

Anonymous said...


Chas and Ann said...

Hi Les, Like the clean format. Pleased that you are enjoying the canal life so much.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Chas/Ann
Enjoying canal life? It`s great.
Sing this to the Only Fools & Horses tune, Dell boy Les.
No income tax No vat
No licence for my tv
No lecky bill
No council rates
other boaters are my mates
God bless British Waterways
Here i`ll spend the rest of my days
Sitting here in my chair
adventures in my blog i share
Never a thought for tony Blair.
God bless waterways
God bless waterways
See you soon regards to Ann

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs