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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


While we have been hanging around getting Johns alternator sorted - ok now by the way - i managed to get a button fender made up by a boater i met several times over the last couple of months by the name of Mal Edwards MBE, yes MBE we have some mighty fine people on the cut, his honour came through charity work.
While downloading the pics to my laptop i noticed some other things i have done over the last few months i thought you might like to see.

Anyway as you see in the pic it`s fitted below the main bow fender and the reason i wanted it
was when going up in a lock the boat tends to go forward as the lock fills and hits the cill and this can after a few knocks cause damage. The pic above shows a boat in a lock and the bow fender up against the gate but if you look at the waterline the lower bow is up against the cill so you can see in the top pic my extra fender would be on the cill not my bow.
Of course if you have crew to do the locks you could remain at the tiller and use the engine to keep the boat back from the cill but as i am all alone Aaarh i cant be up top and aboard.

I `ve put this light on the wall above the dinette to give a good light when doing my blog ( it`s on now) or just spreading the newspaper out. It uses less power than the four overhead lights and also the light is directed where i want it. The wire is concealed in the hardwood strip that i channelled out on the back.

This door panel is in the back of the dinette on the kitchen side and is held in place with magnetic catches. When removed it gives access to space below the dinette seat and holds my toolbox. It`s much quicker to access than removing the seat cushion and seat panel.
These 3 angled shelves at the end of the sink unit fill a dead space as you walk past the dinette and turn left into the kitchen area.
Well folks as i sit here at midnight in Cheshire the rain is coming down heavy with plenty of lightning and having done a few locks today on an empty stomach we all went to the pub this evening - yes Bev i know what`s new - and had a roast lamb carvery.

Like to say hello to Elsie who came upto me at a lock to say she reads the blog. Happens now and again and it`s always nice to meet a reader.

Oh just remembered we have all decided to head done to Gloucester now and not York as original plan, but that`s what this life is about freedom and the right to change your mind.

Also Molly is coming to stay for a week!..............You`ll have to wait for the blog......sorry


Elsie said...

Hi Les, nice to meet you too! Enjoy your trip.

Les Biggs said...

Hope to see you again
be safe

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs