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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So we go on turning right at Napton Jct. past Calcutt up the Stockton flight of locks on through Warwick, nice place and interesting museum, on up through the Hatton 21 turning left at Kingswood Jct. onto the Stratford on Avon Canal only to face 19 more locks.
Seems like someone built Birmingham on a hill just so boaters can climb upto it, oh well once these are done it`s lock free into Brum.
That`s 65 locks near as dam it since Braunston. Still its been spread out with night stops along the way.
Oh before i go comment on last blog `Bored` X 25. Did you ever think Mr/Ms Bored that maybe i hadn`t blogged because i was unwell or perhaps the PC was playing up.
"Hi Les hope all is well as you haven`t blogged lately" would have been nice instead of your childish comment.
While on the subject of comments you might notice now and again spam comments. These are electronicaly sent from who knows and i delete them as soon as i can. There is one still on blog for Feb 17 "on to fenny" I left it there meaning to mention these spam comments but forgot. Please don`t click on any links within these spam comments as the majority are either selling something or are porn.
I can stop these appearing but it would make it harder for your good selfs to leave a comment so i prefer to remove them as quickly as i can.

The extension to Calcutt Marina is now open complete with fancy arched bridge that i imagine is waiting for steps to be attached. There are 3 locks here and we ended up stuck for an hour between locks as BW were carrying out emergency repairs to one of the gates, still it gave us an excuse to put the kettle on and what`s an hour in a lifetime.

About half way up the Hatton flight of 21 locks.
Nice piece of metal work in the side pound opposite the BW yard at Hatton locks.
The crew have mutinyed and clapped me in irons. Actually Tina/Andy decided i should put a pic of me on the blog. This was at Hatton craft centre 5mins walk from Brdg. 55 top of the Hatton flight.
The centre consists of about 15-20 shops set in an old farm and selling shoes, clothing, gifts, garden centre and butchers amongst others. Also a childrens farm with bouncy castles, trampolines and of course animals to know the sort of thing. A nice place to stop off if you cruise this way or drive to the Hatton lock flight to walk or sit outside the BW cafe and watch the boats go through the locks.


Anonymous said...

Oh before i go comment on last blog `Bored` X 25. Did you ever think Mr/Ms Bored that maybe i hadn`t blogged because i was unwell or perhaps the PC was playing up.

Still boring

Les Biggs said...

SAD B......

Anonymous said...

YO Daddy,

Is your blog still playing up as i have checked lately and it is either spam or stupid comments left ?????

Take care for now....................

Les Biggs said...

Hi Son
seems to be ok at the moment. Fingers crossed try and do a blog soon.

silver horde said...

Great photos. I 'did' the Hatton Flight back in 1985 looks the same except for that huge dragonfly!! Should have seen the mozzies though!!

Les Biggs said...

Hi Silver horde
This is my 2nd time on the flight but you have to sometimes go over old ground to explore the new.
Looking forward to going up the Llangollen and doing many other new canals.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs