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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Off we go through Blisworth tunnel dodging the water dripping from the roof and in places pouring down the ventilation shafts. Exiting the tunnel brings us to Blisworth village and we all decide to get a bus to a Tesco on the outskirts of Northampton to re-stock our galleys. Shopping can be a problem on some stretches of the canal system but it is surprising how often you can be away from it all but just a 10 min bus ride from civilisation.
So stocked up on food we carry on to Gayton Jct. where a new marina is being constructed and stop off at the service block to dispose of rubbish, empty toilets and take on water.
Next stop is Bugbrooke where we spent a few days and i had a busy w`end with sons Kev and Steve visiting together with the G`children who brought their mums Joanne & Ozlem. Managed to give them all a cruise along the canal on the saturday which was just as well because it rained all day Sunday. All of us had a meal Saturday evening in the Wharf Inn and as i had moored on the pub mooring they had somewhere to park almost next to the boat.
After they had all left i woke the next day feeling rough with the common cold, yes ok you tough ladies out there us men get a cold and its the end of the world, so stayed put for 2 days to recover. Having fought off the fever we are off to Wheedon to seek out the hidden arm that leads into an old army depot. The others can`t wait to get this part of the trip over because i never stop talking about it.
New marina taking shape at Gayton Jct.

G`daughter Keira spends her day aboard laughing and smiling.
G`son Kiernan is mobile now and wastes no time investigating the boat.

One of many bridges along the way.

As well as a couple of Bream Andy&Tina managed to land this Crayfish.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics, thought you had another g'child for this visit? What is his/her pic like these days?

Les Biggs said...

Actually there are another 5 and they will all get on the blog as and when i put them on.

Unknown said...

Did you eat the Crayfish? Thats what I want to know, it looked a big bugger!!

Les Biggs said...

Eat it! No chance although i have heard some folk do eat them.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs