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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Away from Whilton and heading for Stoke Breune to meet some friends for lunch. Had been cruising about an hour when the heavens opened so a stop for tea was captain`s orders. After an hour things brightened up so with waterproof trousers on and coat close to hand off we go as i must make the lunch date. It wasn`t too long and down came the rain but time not being on my side just stood it out and cruised for 2 hours in the heavy rain. Bill&Eileen it was nice to see you so it was worth the soaking.
Leaving Stoke Breune involves 7 locks but after the amount we`ve come through lately this was a doddle. Stopped off at the village of Yardley Gobion to get bread & milk. The Boat Inn at Stoke Breune has a tiny shop in the corner of the dining room but they had run out and as no shops survive in the village a move to Yardley was a must. Usually carry part-baked bread that keeps for 6 weeks but somehow forgot to replace my stock. Always emergency tin milk on board.
On down to Wolverton to hit Tesco and top up the cuboard. Walking from the canal it`s a shame to see all the empty railway sheds that was part of the history of this once bustling railway town.
Before Wolverton we passed through Cosgrove lock and so began a lock free 12 miles through Milton Keynes.
Along this stretch while moored the Leighton Buzzard canoe club were holding a 13 mile race from Gt. Lindford back to L. Buzzard havind transported the canoes by road. The youngest taking part were 8yrs. These youngsters were completing the course in 3 stages, still a long 4 mile stint for each relay team member. Plenty of adults on bikes were riding the towpath keeping an eye on them all.
Had a nice visit from Jack & Jordan my Grandchildren and just to make the day complete they brought their mum&dad, Andy & Bev.We all walked to the Caldecote Arms by the lake of the same name and had a nice meal. This is by bridge 92,just walk across the lane past the car park and you will come to it , look for the windmill, Alovely spot just to walk around and the company and the meal being a bonus.
Moored at Yardley Gobion.

Sure sign we`re on the Grand Union with the passing of more & more widebeams.

Not graffiti but reflecting that Wolvertons railway history.

Bit damp,but i bet they`re warm.


Anonymous said...

Bet you had a smashing time when you saw your grandchildren again? the canal passes through the prettier parts of MK, and I bet many of the people in the shopping centre don't even know about it!

Les Biggs said...

Yep i sure was glad to see the kids. One thing you miss with this life being away from friends and family.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs