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Saturday, April 23, 2005


Comments on my last blog have stirred me to air my feelings on politics. I am sorry if anyone is upset or concerned with my views but they are mine and we must all respect each others right to see life in our own way, so here goes. I gave up voting some 7 years ago. My view is that which party is in still gives us all no choice of what happens in this country. Take i.d. cards why can`t they introduce them, why talk about it do it. Immigration, why do we allow people to enter the country illegally via lorry and train. You try going to USA same way, straight back on next plane no paperwork for entry, no messing , no entry.Crime goes up because no detterent.I don`t have to quote cases you all read of stupid sentences and see fly on wall tv cops chase around catching villans only to see them get off or light sentence, feel sorry for them.(police)
Anyway i intend to leave all this , well most of it, behind when i step aboard my new world. My biggest worry will be where shall i go now and where is the next pumpout. If my local council want to spend £500.000 yes 500K of ratepayers money for a towncentre bus type shelter with soft padding for the drunks to use only to find it un-used after a few months then in future it won`t be my money. I will invest my money and it will be my decision to spend it as and when I decide. Yes i do realise there are bandits on parts of the cut, but in the world i live in now that`s nothing to what goes on day after day all round me.
The cut is a new world. Walked round to the shops recently nothing happened. Walked around marsworth on Grand Union along towpath and within 20 steps people were saying good morning, just sat on a lock resting and chap on boat struck up a conversation first, good morning was followed by am i walking or locking for a boat. Why is it so different.
Anyway i am not going to worry why it`s different i want to join the club.
House sale up-date is no sale yet.
Well must go now have to decide where to walk on sunday. Thinking of going to Soulbry 3 locks on the G.U.


Anonymous said...

carry on with your dream.... i feel the same way

kimberley said...

politics has to be the last thing you want to be thinking about while on the canals of england.
Terry you sure strike me as one sad little man,sorry but if you come on here attacking other peoples blogs you have no life.Maybe you are lonely,a ex politician or maybe just sad , grow up little man and get yourself a life.

Anonymous said...

Well done Kimberley took the words out of my mouth,Terry sounds like a know all who would be better off swimming in the cut rather than boating on it,no doubt a weekend boater,supping wine on the backend with very few friends,leaving boat in a marina for months at a time gathering moss.grow up Terry you sound like a right prat.

Anonymous said...

Forbes that is a good english name do you still wear a skirt ?

Terry Forbes said...

still feeling sorry for the white van man? hey by the way have you got your boat yet ? thought not never mind your dream might become reality soon and may take forever ha ha hehe,anyway must dash my yaught is awaiting me

love you all
Super well off
Terry Forbes

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs