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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Seem to have got on the wrong side of the cut with TERRY (ref. comments on last blog-politics).Terry says in his 17yrs on canals he has never heard the term "locking" i had at the time and being new to canals no reason to doubt him. Untill by chance looking at website WWW.RONAROSA.CO.UK click on 2004 pictures 5th line down 3rd thumbnail the caption reads "locking through". Has anyone else heard of "locking".
Also thanks go to KIMBERLEY for her comments on my last blog. I welcome ALL comments good or bad. Yes Kimberley, who wants to think about politics on the cut. This is one of a few reasons i want to change my way of life.

The house market seems to be slow at the moment so i am having to accept that it may be sometime before i move on to my new life, but i will get there and look forward to meeting you all including Terry, the pint offer still stands. Walking by canals Terry is my way of relaxing after a hard weeks work, so don`t knock someones way of life because it is not your way. Live and let live.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les take no notice of Terry I find it very hard to believe that he is a boater,everyone on the cut is friendly & helpful,and would not go on so about something so trivial,i think the only boating he has done is in his bathtub at home,you will find genuine boaters stick together,and help each other at every turn.

Anonymous said...

Terry Forbes you need to check your grammar before having a for 17 years boating yeah in your dreams,a genuine boater would not go on so about somthing so trivial,you must be a very sad and lonely person,i bet you drink port or sherry!!

Terry Forbes said...

Ha Ha,are they all taking pity on the little man,well we can all have opions myself included.Iam not a politician either, my line of work is the stock exchange i mean im happy earning £250,000 + a year plus the odd bonus,own a large detached house in windsor,drive a ferrari,porsche and yes ive got a speed boat and a proper boat moored in the south of france so get a life you middle class wannabes and grow up.

Anonymous said...

Oh Terry your spelling is awful and your lying is worse

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs