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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Well today i have put the house on the market. All being well i will be in a good position to do a deal at the crick boatshow. The idea is to sell the house and get a boat design that i can put to a couple of boat builders for a quote. The most difficult decision will be what to install by way of inverter battery pack in fact at the moment electrics are my biggest headache. I have to bear in mind that although i will be on a permanent cruise for 9/10 months of the year there will be times i will moor for perhaps 3 days or a week. Lots to think about.


Anonymous said...

great stuff my friend i lost my wife 6 years ago and decided to take to the water,you can gather your thoughts and just dream the days away.

Chas and Ann said...

Good luck from NB Moore 2 Life. We are letting a bungalow. You need to think about a postal address and get post sent on to you using 'Poste Restante'. Best to stay registered with your local Health Centre. You can register as a temporary patient any where and details get sent back to your own Dr.

NB-Belle said...

All the best Les - good move. Sorry that it has been triggered by such a sad event.

We have been researching and planning our boat for the last 8 months - house is sold (well, just waiting for exchange of contracts now) - temporary accommodation already sorted in Nottingham for a year - just need our new boat and a mooring!

Speaking of which - be careful - our experience suggests that there are some really dodgy (I am trying to be polite here) boat builders out there to contend with.

Mooring availability is another issue - get your name down on the lists for the moorings that are most suitable for you ASAP.

If you want any advice/info - just ask. We will pass on anything we have learned to you with pleasure.

Cheers, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Good on you Les,I did it 7 years ago, and never looked back,you only get one chance at life,and life is what you make will live 10 years longer with the slower pace.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs