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Thursday, September 08, 2016

A little medical and continuing the original cruise.

So after all the talks of Stanmore Orthopaedic getting involved and waiting on records of  just what amount of radio therapy I had back in 2013 it seems that I can have no more as the limit was almost reached in 2013. As for Stanmore`s involvement they are reluctant to do a biopsy because of my reluctance to undergo chemo therapy treatment.

So back home with MST prolonged release morphine sulphate tablets every 12 hours that seem to have the pain under control.

Since being back I did get a bit adventurous while under this pain free umbrella and ventured out two days running and ending up in great pain with the result Jaq had to phone the 24 hour on call hospice nurses.
Having noted all the relevant figures, of not just my MST  but also the extra Oromorph consumed over the past 24 hours, within 10 mins the exact dose and timing was relayed to Jaq and within an hour calm was restored.

This was followed by a visit the following day from a hospice nurse who was also a prescribing nurse, and I always thought only doctors could prescribe drugs. After a phone consultation with a consultant at the hospice the prescribing nurse decided to slightly increase the MST and put me on Steroids for a short time.

All I can say is it has been a 100% success with my feeling pretty much wondering if this 6-12 month prediction of my life expectancy has any foundation. Anyway just have to take it as it comes and I have no doubt Mr Cancer is working away in the background however good I might feel.

Back to the cruise that had to be terminated, just like me, and we  have turned onto the Trent and Mersey at Fradley junction.
Wood end Lock
Still no sign of bad news at this point.
Past Kings Bromley marina.
This was an ex British Waterways maintenance boat that has become home to someone. Hope it gets raised and drys out for them.
All that`s left of Armitage Tunnel
Spotted on the long term moorings at Spode House.
The view entering Rugely is pretty much dominated by the power station. It has just recently closed down with the loss of 120 jobs. Not only will the job loss affect Rugely but the power station was the councils biggest business rate payer and this will have a big impact on the town. At present it`s a very depressing place to walk around with many empty shops and a very large collection of charity(thrift) shops.
This is bridge 66 giving access to the town centre and for boaters the Morrison's supermarket.
With the road over the bridge closed you can sleep without the constant cars sounding their horns and as you can see Morrisons just a short distance.
Now from the bridge in the other direction you have Tesco open 24 hours. Still even with no jobs the residents of Rugely still have to eat. Personally I always look on Rugely as a stop for Food and a mooch around the charity shops for books. Also decent bus connection for Lichfield that has reasonable shopping and the Cathedral plus a short walk out of town, or the bus passes on it`s way into town, the work going on for the Lichfield canal at Borrowcop locks canal park. Worth a visit on the way into town as it`s just a 15 minute walk into the town centre after a walk along the restored sections.
Cannock Chase over to the left, after leaving Rugely behind it`s nice to be back in open space.
Never bought diesel here but it has always looked closed, perhaps tying up and sounding the boat horn would bring service.
Maid of Oak made at Jim Bates yard on the Aylesbury arm off the southern grand union. I`m wondering if this was the first wooden narrow boat built since the last carrying days.
Back in the countryside and they trust you to put your money in the box for your eggs.
 Now heading towards Great Haywood and the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal to spend a few days of relaxing and giving what we thought at the time was a very severe back problem. Having tried an Osteopath back in Hinkley Jaq was looking ahead to find another or perhaps a Chiropractor. Penkridge was some 10 miles ahead and about 6 locks so a good rest and hopefully between us we can find a solution there.


Chas and Ann said...

Pleased to see you both plodding along. Loved being around Staffordshire, Rugeley and Great Haywood. Love Chas n Ann

Bryce Lee said...

"Back to the cruise that had to be terminated, just like me, and we have turned onto the Trent and Mersey at Fradley junction.",!
Sammit Les!
You sir have NOT been terminated!!!
And if "we" who can control some things in your world have anything to do with your future, those predicting your demise are very much wrong!

Les Biggs said...

Lovely part of the canal system Chas/Ann like so much of it.
Hope you are getting to still do some boating.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Bryce
Thanks for that dear friend. My intention is still to remain positive and squeeze as much living as possible.
Jaq and I hope you are well.

Mike Griffin said...

God Blog, the steroids do 'pick you up' - keep good, missing my trips to the mooring!!

Les Biggs said...

Hi Mike
Yes without doubt the steroids are helping me.
Look after yourself and we'll see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les and Jaq
Great to see you both getting on with the important things. The times I have gone past the egg stop and there's never been any damned eggs!! Although I did once see someone buying diesel!. 5 more weeks of work then I am FREE. Hope to catch up wioth you both very soon. Lots of Love
Carol BV

Anonymous said...

Missed the email notifying me of the new post. Was wondering so took a look. Love those steroids and pain meds ... been there and done that. Keep on loving and looking.
Pullman Karen now on a road trip in Pennsylvania.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs