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Friday, February 21, 2014

Reservoir Levels

 The wettest winter since records began in 1910.

On the left Startops reservoir a couple of days ago and above back in 2011. The amount of rain lately has increased levels of the Grand Union south group of reservoirs by 35.8% in the last three months. The group is made up of Startops, Marsworth, Tringford and Wilstone.  The latter is the one I posted a link to showing it overflowing in my last post.
The CaRT site reservoir watch gives the latest figures and the Friends of Tring reservoirs posts individual figures for each reservoir as supplied by CaRT.

Tring Pumping Station Status 15th February 2014.
Wilstone     +0.22m – Overflowing at the rate of 475 litres a second!
Startops      -0.90m
Tringford     -0.50m
Marsworth +0.1m

Tringford has some spare capacity.
Marsworth is showing a surplus all of which is flowing into Startops
All the reservoirs were built in the early 19century on land purchased from the Rothschild family. The shooting and fishing rights went in 2008 to British Waterways ( now CaRT).

Boaters might be familiar with the British Waterways launch `Verulam` that has been moored at Bulbourne for quite some time. It has now been sold and was collected earlier this week. It was taken out on a trailer at Cow Roast marina and taken to Lincolnshire to be restored.


Jacquie said...

Clever use of photo of Verulam !! x J

Les Biggs said...

Mmmmmm thought you might know the name.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs