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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Away from Marsworth

We left the reservoir
mooring on Sunday and the first stop was Marsworth yard to fill the water tank and dump the rubbish. This gave me a chance to go up on the bridge on a non working day to get a close up of the work being done. Ok so perhaps I was scaremongering  by saying the next blog might be one of the bridge collapsed etc. I am happy to report the drilling was away from the centre span and was in fact into the main supports resting on each bank. One side already dug out shows a thick slab of concrete exposed that has obviously been there some time. I assume the work they are doing will tie into this slab.
With the tank filled we set sail under a cloudy sky within our winter cruising time of 11am till 2pm. This is generally the warmest part of the day and besides who wants to cruise more than 3 hrs in winter.
 Just past Pitstone this wooden hull has given in and water has taken it to the bottom.
 Jaq is on steering duty as I swing open the bridge that is only there because a public footpath has been crossed by the canal. The size and strength of the bridge and the five bar gates each side suggest the farmer also has right of way for his tractor.
As usual Jaq and I share the boating duties and now she is on shore duty while I steer.
A couple of locks further on and this is the sight that greeted me next to the lock. We moored up just across from here as the time dictated our day had been long enough. The evening discussion was about that wood pile and I decided that on the way back and after I tried starting the chain saw we would stop and load up. Having done a few locks and with no strain on my mid section I think the 1/2 pulls to start the saw will be within my ability. If the wood has gone then so be it but there is a lot more out of picture so there is plenty to go around with the few boats that are moving.
I meant to have put this on the last post. Always nice sunsets over the reservoir. Might have been better if I had gone up the grass bank and got the water in the pic.


Jennie said...

I cannot begin to tell you just how pleased I am to see the pair of you on the move again. Your pleasure just oozes off the page. Really hope that Chris and I will meet up with you soon with the Cleddau crew.

They are doing major works on the Tardebigge top lock. There is an open day on Saturday which we are going to. Our 'slot' for a trip into the lock is 10:00 and we are then staying at volunteers to do whatever needs doing! We have already taken some photos when we did a litter patrol yesterday. The very large pound below the lock is empty - you can see why they call us ditch crawlers!! I may well do a blog as it is all about canals even if we are not afloat. Jennie & Chris

Unknown said...

Figure if Jaq can drive a motor vehicle without problem in a blinding snowstorm she certainly can pilot a narrow boat through a canal without problems.

Gorgeous sunset Les!

Chas and Ann said...

So pleased to read your blog and know that you, Les , are recovering enough to enjoy travelling even in the winter!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunset xxA

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs