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Friday, December 13, 2013

TURP, Coal and a Con to look out for.

Trans - Urethral Resection of the Prostate is what my next surgery will be. LINK.
Not sure when but as it takes about an hour and I had the pre-op last Tuesday I was hoping it might happen before Christmas but what I have learnt since might push this hope straight into the canal.

It seems that the pre-op check up is good for 12 weeks!!!!!!!!! So because I pass all the tests and answered all the questions, including and I kid you not, how many pillows do I use in bed then in say 10 weeks my fitness will be just the same. Hopefully it will, but the last pre op was not followed up before my cancer surgery, just admitted day of op with just the blood pressure and temperature taken so how can anyone be sure.
Now searching around I found other hospitals with this 12 week window and some with 1-2 weeks. Wales stated 4-6 weeks before the operation for a pre-op as did the private BUPA healthcare.

We are using a lot of coal this winter as my lack of fitness has stopped our usual gathering of wood as we travel. There are some logs on the roof but they can remain as an emergency stockpile in case the canal ices over stopping the fuel boat getting to us. We will take on 15 bags tomorrow of  Supertherm that although not the cheapest seems to keep us warm and stays alight through the night. A 25kilo/55pounds bag lasts 3 to 3.5 days so about £3 ($4.5) per day. Happiness is a roof (on right) full of wood.

I must report my ever improving health lately has resulted in my on board healthcare advisor has allowed me to venture out on my own. One little trip was a very short bus ride to a nearby supermarket and being  allowed only to gather 3 light items and return. Having safely returned from this mission I was then trusted to travel further and stay out longer and folks it feels good to be able to mingle with the crowds although I did need a lunch break to re energise my inner self.

So having covered two of the items in the post title it must be the con that comes next. Correct but not anything to do with our small corner shop grocer Mr Tesco.
I walked out of the supermarket gate to catch a bus and became aware of someone behind me. As I turned I felt someone touch my ankle. Upon turning I first saw a mid twenties man with a £10 note in his hand and close by him a female of similar age. He was gesturing with the money to give the impression I had dropped it. She said nothing.
Instantly I turned my back to the wall firstly to stop either of them getting behind me and secondly to put my wallet out of easy reach. Why this reaction some of you might ask.
First and foremost at 65 I`ve had a lot of years to get street wise.
In micro seconds my suspicious brain told me;
I do not keep banknotes loose in my pockets so the note was not mine.
Where were these two going. The road led into open countryside and as they had no shopping they were not like me going for the bus.

So a bit of a Mexican standoff was going off so I took the £10 note out of his hand and said thank you.  This magically seemed to bring him to life and in broken English he muttered something with some "no" "no" being all I understood. I shrugged my shoulders and having the money in my pocket started to back away. Now the second magical moment came when after all this the female albeit in a strong eastern European accent spoke good clear English saying "he just wants change". Yeah!  I said to her perhaps we should go back to Tesco and call the police to see if they think the money was mine.
This put a look of panic on his face, seems he had suddenly remembered he could understand English. I had at this time the money in my hand and pushed it into her hand as I did not want any trouble in my weak state and said I might look old but I`m far from stupid. They turned and walked back into Tesco car park.

So my question to you is what was the con/scam behind all this?  My theory is they pick older folk and either try to get them to open their purse/wallet and get them confused when sorting some change or perhaps they might snatch and run with the wallet.

At this particular supermarket site there is nothing nearby. No other shops, no parking meters needing change. No need at all to require change.
My next theory is that the note was a forgery but then why the pretence of touching my ankle and trying to make me think I`d dropped the note. Whatever the truth they were up to no good.

Who knows but I think that maybe they saw the keys poking out between the fingers of my clenched fist  and that they might have chosen the wrong old fella.

Just to remind myself that we will soon once again be seeing views like this. Taken as we went up the Bosley locks on the Macclesfield canal.


Anonymous said...

Blimey Les... you might be weak of body but you are certainly sharp of mind to react so quickly to the potential scam. Good on you! Have you reported it to the local police? If they get a few similar tales they ought to be on the lookout for these two.

Sorry I missed you earlier in the week. Jaq was the perfect host!

Best wishes, Alistair

jercher said...

Wow, Les! I'm so glad you are back on your toes! I don't think the direction you were going with those young people in the store would have been anywhere you wanted to go! So glad you were paying attention!
Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Les, I have followed your blog for a long time and it has helped me take myself away from some health problems of my own and back to the canals where I want to be. I have only seen NB. Valerie once and it was at the bottom of the Bosley locks. You were sitting in the well deck with a cuppa and looked as happy and content as a man can be. Hope to see you there again sometime. Mandy

Carol said...

Hi Les, thank goodness it worked out alright, it could have been very different, such quick thinking and what despicable people. I hope you reported it to the police though as the next person they approach may not be as streetwise as you. Glad to hear that you’re now well enough to get out and about a little and hope that you don’t have to wait too long for your op. Love to you both. Carol and George xx

Ann nb Oakfield said...

Lovely to see you are making progress and gradually regaining your independence Les. Thank goodness you were on the ball with these two and didn't let them set eyes, or hands, on your wallet! They really use all the tricks to try their luck don't they?
Take care you two.

Les Biggs said...

hi Alistair
All reported but all they can do is look out for them and who knows what unless they catch them committing an offence but then probably their human rights would ease the punishment!
Sorry to have missed you.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Bear
How is Pullman. Nice pics of the re-model.
Glad they backed off as all I could have done was minimal not being fit.
Les XX

Les Biggs said...

Not sure if you spotting me was recent with jaq or when I was solo boating but either way we are both approachable. next time come aboard for a cuppa and a natter.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Carol
As I said above, all reported.
Once again many thanks for your e mail.

Les Biggs said...

Hello Ann
Certainly pays to have grown up in the real world. Some of these do gooders have no idea what is happening in the UK when they allow these ........ scum their human rights.
Live decent or get out and two fingers to the EU if I had my way.

Carol Ives said...

Hahahahaha you weren't brought up in London for nothing. They usually do that at cash points and then snatch your card. You should have pointed to your stoma bag and said help yourself!!!! Glad you gave them short shrift. Might be worth giving Tesco a call and telling them and the the police on the 101 number. Anyway glad to hear you have been granted shore leave. Hope you and Jaq have a great time during the festive season. I am off between Christmas and New year so if you fancy a visit text me your post code i would love to catch up with you both. Lots of love

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs