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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last views of the River Wey

 Hi everyone. I have received so many good wishes that I feel a need to update you all. I  have no great pain and expect an appointment very soon.  A slow cruise towards Watford with stops along the way is very relaxing. So let`s try and bring the blog a bit more up to date.  Thank you.

 Now this is a great mooring. Others moored here but there is plenty of room to still be well away from the next boat. Of course the permanent residents no nothing of privacy and will sit by the boat and stare through the windows.
Behind the 18th century front lies a timber framed building parts of which date back to the 16c. You can just imagine a coach and horses passing through the arch dropping off perhaps Lord Nelson and other passengers to rest for the night. nice to come across so many of these coaching inns as we travel the waterways. 

Now I can`t pass by any wood and a nice quiet mooring away from anyone is ideal to cut and split it.

On the right is a Wey barge, horse drawn and once a very common sight not just on the R. Wey but also the Thames. The National Trust is restoring the 1931 Wey barge reliance (below) at Dapdune Wharf.

 Housing both modern and traditional can be found along the river but mostly it`s rural all the way.

 I spare you a picture but the elsan (toilet) disposal inside the hut is very basic, pleased we have our composting toilet. As the sign says you wash out your cassette with canal water.
 A lot of narrow road bridges, some having traffic lights or like this one just common sense.

Nothing standardised as far as water points go on the Wey. Above the mooring jetty for water........
next to the lock. The tap can just be seen to the left of the piling spouting the greenery.
Well all good things come to an end. Having paid the National Trust £108 for a 3 week licence we leave where we started at Thames lock. A really good experience on a river flowing through some very nice countryside.


Andy Healey said...

When we moored at Pyrford Marina with our share boat for a year, the Bridge with the Mercedes on, which is visible from the Anchor pub, was very entertaining watching cars cross on a summer day, not much common sense seen then.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Andy
I noticed on the width posts a lot of scrapes and saw some glass nearby so can imagine a lot of cars don`t get through unscathed.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs