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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A nice couple of days

We decided to move from the Stoke Breurne area and hoped to meet the fuel boat `Jules` on the way as they were heading towards us. Our wood stock was low but I had already spotted a fallen tree hidden in the bushes just 10 minutes cruise. With some wood on board we set off again and soon after  we turned a bend and Mother Nature
still on our side with a fallen tree laying halfway across the towpath. So our wood stock has increased a little but a lot more will be needed before winter ends.
Cruising on we could hear distant shotgun fire then just ahead from a tree flew a Barn Owl settling in a tree adjacent to our stern. In the next field a Hare was making off at top speed. Next sighting were men carrying shotguns with dogs at their sides shooting Pheasant.
 No wonder the Owl relocated to a peaceful perch and perhaps the Hare thought he might end up on the kitchen table.  The shoot stretched for about a mile+ with perhaps up to thirty guns in use spread over several fields. A couple of the Pheasant did make it to new cover much to the annoyance of the shooters whose shots went wide. Don`t you just love the underdog winning.
Further along two Bullfinches flew in and out of the trees on the offside just keeping ahead of us, not a common sight so it made me smile.
On arrival at Cosgrove the fuel boat was serving the permanent moorings but all Julia had was coal. Our needs are diesel, propane and a top up of coal for overnight burning. So just an overnight stay as a mooring amongst dozens of other boats is not for us.
We have found a little bit of towpath to ourselves just on the outskirts of Milton Keynes. A couple of days to chop wood and wait out the high winds blowing around us. We will move on soon as the cold weather is possibly coming back next week so we need to refill our fuel tanks and find another quiet spot in case the ice returns. 
So we have  had  two nice days cruising--both quite short--but we are on no time table so as and when we reach London is of no importance.
Now this would see us through the winter. Somehow this Oak even in the state it`s in does not deserve to be firewood. It stands there upright and solid and seems to be declaring `look at me but I`m still standing`

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One Thing After Another said...

Mmmm cheers for the comment. I'll definately be trying the Tapp Sandwich - that sounds really lovely! Think a trip to the supermarket is due on Saturday so we can get the bits and pieces for it. Pawel is off Saturday so we'll make then - ill let you know how we get on ;)

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs