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Monday, May 21, 2012

A BW document from the past.

Following my rant I decided to find some info on the £150($225) extra charge for C/Cruisers. You can view what I found HERE  . In the document they refer to this charge as "additional facilities charge" (9.15b)
I kept reading thinking BW were about to introduce a cruise in boat wash or a lock keeper to see you through flights. Perhaps this £150 C/C  `additional facilities charge` is for a new service in which the wife is chauffeured to Tesco and a BW representative pushes the shopping trolley(cart). Cart is not canal and river trust it`s the U.S. name for trolley.

But sadly all this posh term means is they do what the do anyway, provide moorings, water and rubbish facilities 19.6(a). Maybe they were considering closing the network during winter and having everyone tucked up in a marina mooring where they get a 9% cut.

In section 10.2 they talk of pensioners discounts but dismiss the idea as it might encourage fraud. Well that`s fair, everyone knows what a bunch of villains C/Cruising pensioners like myself are. We take substantially high interest payments on our savings from the poor banks without a care on the effect it has on w  bankers bonuses.

Fees to register a change of boat owner.
Roving mooring permit 9.17.
In section 10.2(c) they talk of volunteers earning points towards a discount on their next license. I wonder would they accept my Tesco club card points.  Mmm must e mail BW before Jaq spends them.

Wide beams, section 8.4  come under attack with suggestions of a £50($75) flat fee increase or a % as the beam increases. 2.6m + 20%, 3.1m + 30% and so on. My view is a boat is a boat so why should they pay more to cruise. Of course marina fees will be more because of the space limits in a business environment. Marinas are built at great cost, the canals have been around some 200 years and paid back their investors a long time ago.

Anyway just a little bit of googling to satisfy my curiosity about the £150 thingy has given me a lot of entertainment. Have a look through it and see what you can find.
 Personally I liked the idea of the Roving mooring permit, at least i found it amusing. They can`t make the Continuous Moorers(their words) move so how do they (BW) think they will get them to buy a permit.


Chas and Ann said...

I would suggest that you invest in membership of the National Association of Boat Owners. They have a website at . NABO are very supportive. They have pointed out that the Law requires one licence to navigate the canal system. BW chose to interpret the law and have terms and conditions which NABO have challenged in court.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaq,

Nicely put, well written with bags of info. Had no idea they were trying it on with widebeams too!

Ah well...


Les Biggs said...

Hi Chas/Ann
Hope you are both well. Seems an age since we last met.
NABO is probably a good thing but although I might be wrong I feel it more useful if living in a marina.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Heth...hello to Dave
Les here author of this post. You did make Jaq laugh when I told her she had the credit for my blog post.
Unbelievable some of the suggestions in the report.
Just have to wait and see how the CART works out.

Ken& Sue nb Cleddau said...

In 2 weeks at Easter us "non-continuous cruisers" did:
Total miles cruised: 132.41
Total locks: 104 (including 8 manned locks)
Movements via boat lift: 2
and it did not cost us any more than our basic licence.
We cruised for nearly 100 days last year at much greater rates of lock and miles per day than many if not all continuous cruisers.
You are just an easy target for BW and all the moaning, jealous, floating caravaners who hardly ever leave their marinas!
Ken & Sue nb Cleddau

Anonymous said...

Poo bridge is along Middlewich branch. Ask Les he will tell you the story or point you to the blog I wrote. LOL. I love the area, my house is just along the road in Crewe. I so miss being up there at weekends. Love Carol. B.V

Les Biggs said...

Hi Ken/Sue
Now you have a mooring and like a lot of others cruise a large part of the year. Maybe they will dream up some scheme using GPS fitted in the boat`s hull and charge per mile/lock. Ssssssh what have I said they might be listening.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Carol
We popped into Crewe to sort a few financial bits out.
Yes I`ll have to check your post to freshen my memory on Poo bridge.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs