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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Found a Lock

We are in Seattle for a few days before flying home aboard the boat. The drive over from Pullman took about 6hours with stops on the way at the Ginko Petrified forest in Vantage, lunch at a 1950`s diner based in an old filling station plus a stop at the Snoqualmie waterfall.

We have been out and about here in Seattle and one place we naturally wanted to visit was a LOCK. The 2 locks are Chittenden locks also called Ballard locks. They lock boats up from Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean into the ship canal and onto Lake Union and Lake Washington.
There are 2 locks, one is 30`x150` and the second is 80`x825`.

Seattle skyline as we drive in

Chittenden Locks
The rail bridge lifted as we arrived for boats to access the lock
Filling fast as i stand on the top gate
Full lock, the other boats queueing were to large for the left side spaces
One of 5 lockies on duty around the lock, all with safety harness`s

This boat even has a hot tub on the roof


Mike Muir said...

Neat pictures. The Welland does have pleasure craft through it, but on the day I was visiting it.

Carol said...


eric said...

Hi Les & Jaq.,
Thanks for refreshing our memories of Chittendon Locks. Seems like only yesterday we were there along with hundreds of other 'Wall Apes' which is what they call 'Gongoozlers' in that neck of the woods! Hope you also managed a viewing of the fish ladder there?

Welcome back home we hope NB Valerie welcomes you with open arms.

Eric & Patsy

Les Biggs said...

Hi Eric/Patsy

Yes there literaly were hundreds of people watching the boats locking through and with a lock that bid it didn`t seem crowded.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs