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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In the hands of the Embassy

With the biometrics completed in 10mins after a 170 mile round trip the visa application for Jaq could be submitted. Just a final check that everything has been included and that each section is clearly labelled to make it as easy as possible for the UKBA at the Embassy to process the application.

An indexed ring binder application was the recommended way to apply according to an Internet forum of others facing this traumatic ordeal. One binder contains original documents and totals 250 sheets of paper. The other binder contains a photo copy of every document submitted.
As you answer the 11 pages of questions each answer has to have supporting documents to validate your answer. Now this is fine when they ask for example for your bank account details and finances to support your partner, get bank statements etc. Paperwork starts to build when they ask where your going to live and the many sub questions regarding your answer. do you pay rent? do you own it? how long owned? the questions go on just on this one subject, how many rooms? do you have use of all rooms?  The more you can convince them your answers are true the more likely the visa will be issued. So in this case original bill of sale, boat insurance certificate for last 5yrs, boat licence renewal last 5yrs, pictures of inside/outside boat. 16 pieces of paper already, get the picture.

Anyway the 2 binders above are on their way at a cost as i mentioned of  about 725 GB pounds plus we decided rather than risk the estimated up to 2 months process time we paid 187 GB pounds to get it processed in about 15 days. At least with the visa (fingers crossed) in our hands sooner rather than later we can then concentrate on other matters to complete our return to the UK.

At least while we wait Jaq and I can get out and it was while driving down towards Snake River that we came across a Wind Farm or at least the first phase of 149 with the eventual total to be 749 Turbines.
There must have been at least 80 already erected and if i had photographed left and right of the picture i did take you would have an idea of  how little impact these have on the landscape. All the land here is for crop growing and the turbines are hardly noticed among the thousands of acres with no towns nearby and just a farm here and there. The 4 areas siting the 745 Turbines amounts to 123,000acres. The farmers have leased the land for the siting of the turbines so have an income year round.
The Turbines stand 390' high and weigh 340tons. The concrete base is 8' 6" thick. The column is made up of
3 sections, one is pictured above on a road trailer. Below a rotor blade is also brought to the site by road.
If you click HERE you will find a short time lapse film of the Turbines being erected.

A Chipmunk and a Red Tailed Hawk. The bird was at the top of a tree  and i was lucky that the road climbed up a hillside zig zagging and the car came level with his perch. 


Amy said...

Thinking of you both! Hope it all goes ok, it looks like such a mammoth task!

All going to plan, when do you hope to be back on nb Valerie?

Amy Duck x

Carol said...

home is a little bit closer then now!

Pip said...

We feel for you both, we really do! All this for a perfectly legal immigration, yet they let any old Tom, Dick, or Svetlana in from Eastern Europe, and pay them to be here. It makes my blood boil!!

By the way, we saw 'Valerie' in Napton Marina today, she looks fine, if a little lonely. Didn't have my camera in my pocket when we went for a walk, but will take one tomorrow when we pass in the boat, and put it on my blog.
love to you both
Pip & Roger xx

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Woo hoo! The UK emabssy in New York notified me via email they received our pacakge 43 minutes ago (12;30 PM Pacific time, Wednesday, July 2oth, 2011) and it will be handled as a priority!!

Sue said...

Good luck you two, but I doubt you need it, seems to me you have done a lot of homework.. Just want the pair of you back in the UK asap! xx

Les Biggs said...

Hi Amy
Yes it is /was a big task but it`s done just need the right decision. Hope to be back September but still much to sort out mostly selling up.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Carol
yes one BIG step closer to the UK canals.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Pip,
How lovely to hear from you and Rog. Thanks for checking up on NB Val for us. We will be so grateful to be back aboard our home. We hope to catch up with you on the canals.

Les Biggs said...

Oh Sue,
It's lovely to hear from you and it's so good to know our friends on the canals are sending good thoughts our way.

Nev Wells said...

All hurdles but love and dreams will conqueror. Good luck and when you do pass fradley a pint in the mucky duck is in order.......


Anonymous said...

I just received an email notificationthat my UK visa has been issued!! 24 hours!! They've had my visa application pakcage 24 hours! :)

Nev Wells said...

Must be boaters in the visa office !! well done :-))


NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs