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Monday, May 16, 2011


At the moment i`m just spending my time getting the boat ready for Jaq`s arrival in 6 days time. The biggest job has been cleaning the ceiling in readiness for my giving up smoking this coming Sat night.
As you can see in the picture a clean up with the sugar soap has revealed the original grain of the Oak panels and the same has happened upon cleaning the walls. All the curtains came down over the last few days and the Dinette covers will be next on the list. As one of the kids said i`m cleaning the nest.

My  first sighting of  Cygnets as i passed Apsley

Above is a picture of lock 65 where the original route of this section went. It went through those buildings until John Dickinson re-routed the canal in 1818 to pass his paper mills at Apsley. Double click the map to view it better.

The original route had one lock less than the present route which means Kings Langley lock is numbered 69A.

The canal passes through Cassiobury Park which provides a very nice tree lined walk into the town centre of Watford.
Sunset at Apsley

Jaq has brought her blog `So this is love ` as far as Feb 2011 and will be making her  blog bang up to date later in the week before arriving in England on Sunday.
If any one would like to meet Jaq e mail me and i can give you our plans for the next 3 weeks which include a little get together of friends and family.


aren said...

Hi Les,
The time has nearly gone, won't belong now before Jaq gets here.
Love your pictures of the GU through Berko and Kings Langley. Ian's Dad used to moor his boat at Kings Lanley. so we know that part of the canal quite well.
Ian and Karen

Jaqueline Biggs said...

124 hours until I am in Seattle waiting for my flight to Heathrow. 139 hours until I am in your arms once more.

Time was static for sooo long; now it feels like a tsunami sweeping me along as I try to keep my feet and remember the details in my care: house key to the realtor, flowers ordered for the wedding, passport in my travel bag, web site for online appointment application at U.S. Customs and Immigration...

Thank you Les for making our home clean and cozy, and for blessing my heart and my life with your love.

antinady said...

You know where you leaving the boat yet when you fly back with Jaq? Are you gonna be heading this way at all?

Fresh Garden said...

Absolutely fantastic!
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

Carol said...

Hi Les, not long now, be patient. Valarie is looking good, you're doing a grand job, jaq will be most impressed I'm sure! You mentioned travelling north perhaps Llangollen when we saw you last and if this is the case unfortunately we'll not be able to travel to meet you both, but if your plans have changed please include us in the detail and if we can, we certainly will. If not enjoy!!

John Witts said...

Les, both you and Jaq would be more than welcome to visit us up in Cambridge. The Lucky Ducks are here too and would love to meet you both as well.

Of course, you will have a million people to see and even more stuff to do, so not to worry if you can't make it this time. It's a very open invitation!

(If you do have time, my email address is on Pippin's blog.)

Good luck with going smokeless.....!

John and Jackie (wb Pippin)

Alleycat said...

As if your life isn't changing so much already, you're going to give up smoking as well - good on yer! I'm sure you'll be much too busy to care about that anyway :)
Good luck, and I sure do hope Jaq takes to narrowboating like the proverbial duck to water after all this LOL!
Regards, Aly

Les Biggs said...

Having family down the southern gd. union i`ve got to know it well and enjoy it along with the rest of the system

What can i say, XXXXXXXX

Will phone you.

Fresh Garden
Glad you enjoyed the visit.

Plan at the moment is Cassio to Napton then off to USA. We will meet sometime perhaps when we both return as newlyweds.

We will take up your kind offer for sure.

Carol said...

big day tomorrow Les - Jaq will be so pleased to have arrived home at last!

Les Biggs said...

Giving up smoking will be easy with Jaq next to me, i won`t have time to think of a smoke.
Jaq has practicaly lived the boating life recently with my video and pics so i`m 100% certain of her loving the life.

Les Biggs said...

Jaq arrives Sunday although she leaves Saturday. Time diff etc.

Carol said...

Hi Jaq,
We would just like to welcome you to Blighty, We know you will love it, but here's wishing you the greatest experience of your life with the man of your life!

Love Carol, George and Molly
NB Rock n Roll

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs