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Sunday, January 09, 2011


No i`m not working on a new Shakespeare play, but thinking of my involvement within the world, the one that is where i once had a full time existence in, before my life afloat showed me one so different. My thoughts are not so much `can i` but  `do i need to` belong to both worlds or perhaps can i attend either/both on a percentage basis.

The old world i once played in full- time is for sure still there but the more i stay (5yrs now) in the world of the water road the more i feel less part of the world i was born into. Although i`ll always have to acknowledge my birth world, it seems to be as time goes on it is becoming distant memory with my interest in how it functions fading daily.

The world news that once seemed to be so in my face is now gleaned from hearsay or the odd newspaper purchased once in a while or sometimes the freebie paper picked up on a train. TV news once a must see programme, but of late watched in the interest of confirming my thoughts contained herein,  is now considered a waste of battery power. My refusal to purchase a newspaper has hardly saved a few twigs let alone a tree so the green issue is not my concern here. If the world was at risk, strict laws would be in force with supermarkets banned from using plastic bags not just encouraged to issue less. My opinion on that one thing is they just charge, in some cases for a bag to increase profits on the back of the green band wagon.

Anyway back to my thoughts; when i previously watched the TV news; which has been confirmed in my research of late. At the end i would think how could my life possibly have suffered or been affected had i not seen this item of news:
Two men get long sentences for sex crimes... Good news being the sentence not the crime, equals to my life being the same.
Politician jailed for expenses fraud, has there only been ONE convicted?!
Banks must pay smaller bonuses, as if. Even the ones we own we don`t control.
Beckhams' to have baby, my friend just gave birth as did thousands of others, so what.

I could go on but i think you might  understand where i`m coming from. Ok you might throw some thing back at me but my defence is if it greatly affects my life i`ll hear about it in the press of my new world ie waterways mags, Internet forums or the good old towpath telegraph.

Now i accept i need my birth world to function; i need to buy food, travel to see family; my new love in the USA not just that and how could i forget, fuel supplies need delivering canal side.

So my question is folks; am i wrong to ignore the old world and live waterside without the stresses of it? To just dip into it as and when i need? Although i spent long enough in it; contributed so much to it. I feel i can now enjoy the new world i love and cherish.

Your thoughts will be of interest but i can`t see myself changing my view.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs