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Sunday, August 09, 2009


Must say hello to Gilbert & Jude from New Zealand who aboard NB Mair spend each summer cruising the canals. it must be 2 yrs since we last met so it was good to catch up over a coffee on board NB Valerie. Gilbert you have left your hat on board so when we meet possibly on the Gd. Union i will trade it for a coffee.
Below the River Anker flowing through Polesworth has breached the bank at the bottom of a garden. In the past i have seen the water halfway up the garden towards the house. I spent a few days at Polesworth as the rain decided to keep falling and i see no pleasure getting wet when i have the rest of my life so "there`s always tomorrow" is my view on rain. With time on my hands i decided the galley worktops after nearly 4 yrs could do with some TLC and set about stripping the old varnish and below with just a bit more sanding the worktop by
the cooker will be ready for a coat of wood stain and 2 coats of lacquer giving the finish below. The problem i had was the 16/24hrs drying time between coats and so the dinette became a temporary work surface and the plates etc piled up while the sink area opposite was given the same treatment.
Atherstone Station built Jacobean style in 1847 still stands following local campaigners saving it from demolition in 1980. It is now used as a veterinary practice who will sell you a flea treatment but not a train ticket.
The top lock of a flight of 11 at Atherstone is always a relief for those coming up with the thought of a long length before any locks need negotiating. I left Polesworth at 7.30 as the weather turned sunny and i wanted to do the 11 before the sun got to hot and as i started at the bottom 3 other boats followed me up possibly with the same idea.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs