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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I FANCY A RANT after all it`s my blog.

What on earth is going on in the world that you the reader lives in. I ask because having just purchased one of the monthly waterways mags it contained a report that an MP asked if he could claim for blacking his narrowboat, i kid you not have a look here.

They are all a bunch of Leeches and i for one am glad i haven`t voted for about 6 yrs now on the basis that as far as running the country there was not a difference between them. The Daily Telegraph exposure that started with the `John Lewis` list and moved onto the weird expenses claimed by MP`s has made up my mind i that i made the right decision.

Some might not agree but but i defend my right to be wrong in the eyes of others. There are a lot of people, and i`ve met some when i was working, that spend Mon-Fri living near their work far from home and travelling home for the w`end to be with family, and these are PAYE not S/employed.

It would be nice if they could claim for renting or buying a second home but oh no because they choose to work far from home to support their families and pay the mortgage and not be dependant on benefits.......tough.
But if they were MP`s not only would they get a second home but also the weird and wonderful expense claims on top. Check through the Telegraph site the claims are mind boggling.

I know some have to stay near Parliament at times as distances can sometimes be great from constituency's but there is a limit and for those living not too far why should they claim at all, just think of the thousands that commute into London and other big cities on a daily basis.

OK rant over but the narrowboat claim started me off and i bet he wasn`t living on it.
You know i hardly ever buy a newspaper nowadays, never bother with the weather forecast because if i don`t want to cruise in the rain there`s always tomorrow and hardly watch the TV news because well just think about what you see on news at ten tonight how much if any would have affected your life if you hadn`t watched it.

Maybe my outlook on living is not to everyone`s taste but i`m happy with little pressure of the away from the canal world.
All comments welcome and as usual will be published if not offensive to anyone.

Back to life afloat and i have just had to replace my domestic battery bank after nearly 4 yrs of use. I noticed the lack of power left in the batteries over the last 2 mornings and after using the Internet located a supplier who would deliver to the boat at a reasonable price although it meant turning back to cruise for an hour to a convenient location near a road which on this occasion was a BW maintenance yard.
Today i spent 5 hours removing the old batteries and rubbing down and painting the battery bay. Each battery weighed in at 41 kilo and i sure did notice i wasn`t getting any younger as i struggled to heave them in and out of the engine room below decks. Still after a good shower and a cuppa it`s all now in the past......job done and now plenty of elektricererrery!

I am now on my way back down the Macclesfield canal having been to Bugsworth Basin and Whaley bridge at the end of the Maccie. I am thinking of doing a picture show for the Bugsworth blog as i took so many pictures of what turned out to be a very interesting place and as the Internet signal is so strong all along the canal in this area it should not be a problem loading it onto the blog.
Ongoing plans are to leave NB Valerie in a marina mid July as one of my Sons is getting married and i want to spend a week or so down south. After that i`ve not quite made up my mind but a trip to Stourport is in the brain box so who this space.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more about the MP's, news and other such like and I'm still at work full time at the moment.
Look forward to the slide show as we've been to Bugsworth Basin a couple of times but not by boat as yet - one day :-)

Les Biggs said...

Hello Julie
Welcome to my world where my expenses are paid to me from me.
The slide show should be on the blog in the next 2 days just adding some music and final bits.

Unknown said...

I agree. I travelled to Crewe at weekends for 5 years because it was my choice to buy a house there. I don't even mind them claiming for their houses so long as when they sell it at a profit they pay it back into the coffers. Hope you are ok. I have booked a holiday on the Monmouth and Brecon canal next year. How are the curtains?

Les Biggs said...

Hi Carol
MP rant over now i`m back to the peace of my world.
Mon & Brec will be great, enjoy it.
How about posting on your blog!
The curtains came up clean as a whistle with the help of that Oxy clean stuff also the blinds had a dip in the bath with good results.
Be nice to see you again sometime.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs