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Friday, May 22, 2009

Roundheads & Cavaliers at MARBURY?

Arriving at Marbury lock i noticed a lot of caravans and camper vans in the adjacent field and when i asked what the attraction was to camp here i was told of the Marbury show just a 10 minute walk along the lane. The description of what was going on made me decide to moor up below the lock and pay a visit.

The event was `Marbury Merry Days` festival and country fair an annual event to raise funds for the 15c St. Michael`s Church.

There were side shows, craft fair, dog gymkhana & show,cakes, plants etc. etc. Also a 6km fun run where a competitor collapsed and ended up being airlifted to hospital but i see from their website the patient has been released from hospital.

An added feature this year was the `Sealed Knot`..... a what knot i hear. Turns out to be a group that attend events and do Civil War re-enactments with Round heads & Cavaliers doing battle in a beautiful setting between the Mere and the church on the hill. Muskets and cannon fire added to the realism.
A great w`end of entertainment for the £4 admission but by the time I arrived the pay booths had been dismantled so i had nearly 2 hours to wander round FREE, I do like a bargain.

You see that small building to the right of the soldiers heads it was added in 2000 but when i
went inside the craftsmanship that went into the Nave roof distracted me and i forgot to see what the extension was for.

View across the Mere from the church, the show ground being just to the left running down to the Mere.

Soldiers stand behind the church wall while a detachment go down to battle with the approaching Round heads or Cavaliers, don`t ask me who was who.
Loud Musket fire from the approaching soldiers and from the defenders some of whom are on the church roof. Cannons boom as they fire from the side of the church, all quite entertaining and very realistically re-enacted.
A few pics below of some of the exhibits.

One of the old timber framed buildings in the village. Even without the show going on i strongly recommend boaters or any one visiting the village as the setting is just beautiful.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs