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Friday, March 27, 2009


Quite amazing what there is to see ambling along at 3mph. Unlike speeding through the countryside in a car the slowness of a boat gives so much time to take in what`s around you. A Kingfisher in the 1st pic (click&enlarge) with his golden brown breast reflecting in the water.

The second pic i believe is a Sparrowhawk but being no twitcher i wait to be corrected.

The 3rd needs no description except "sweet"

Now our 4th pic shows the good old reliable Heron, nothing strange spotting him but just after i
took the pic i decided to moor up and sitting on the front deck with my cuppa the following morning i noticed a lot of activity in the trees back along the towpath. It turned out to be a Heronry spread over several trees. If you click the pics i have circled some but take my word for it there were 10/12 flights in and out of the nests but i`m no David Bailey so you can see the best of 8 pics i took.
I was pleased to moor here for the night as this is the first Heronry i have seen. Any other boaters passing the location is towpath side Hazelstrine Bridge96 on the Staffs&Worc canal but take a good zoom camera as the trees lay back from the canal.


Pip said...

Hi Les
I assume it's a typo as the first picture is a Kingfisher not a Heron, although how you managed to get a photo of it is beyond me - I only ever catch a glimpse of blue flashing through the undergrowth, let alone manage to take a photo! Well done!!

Roger said...

Hi Les

That's an awfully small Heron in the first pic, looks more like a Kngfisher to me!!!!

All the best

Roger & Pip

Anonymous said...

Can see a kingfisher in the first picture but no Heron

I think you may need a trip to Specsavers Dad......

Les Biggs said...

Thankyou for your kind words yes it was a typo error my excuse being i was excited about the Heronry.

Have you not heard of the King`Heron that can change it`s appearance at will!

As you refer to me as Dad i can now narrow down the hunt for you so Beware.

Anonymous said...

Smashing pics Les. Keep up the good work.

Les Biggs said...

Thanks annon, the camera is nothing special just a small digital but good enough for my inexperienced hands.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs