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Monday, December 22, 2008


Not been much happening of late other than spending 18 days moored in Berkhamsted to get my teeth sorted and after having 3 out and a new set fitted the following 5 days were very uncomfortable. My own fault should go regularly but have a very bad fear not of the dentist but a serious fear of needles in fact I shake violently when the needle comes near but as this was on my list of things to do before .....well you know, so another on the list is to travel on Eurostar amongst other things.
Two days after the dentist i had to move as i was bored to tears, must be the water gypsy blood running through my veins, and made my way to Apsley for a few days then down the Watford area for Christmas with friends and some of the family.
Have already made my mind up that soon after Christmas I will be heading north possibly for a return visit to the Llangollen canal into Wales and after that is anybody`s guess....aaah the freedom of this life.
So my journey nears its end as i cruise under the very ornamental bridge that the Earl of Essex

ordered to be built before he would allow the canal company to cut their canal across his land. Just a short distance past the bridge is Grove Mill and it was opposite this wonderful building
i moored for the night before travelling on to what is now home till after Christmas.
I think next year will be a case of looking at the places in between last years visits as there is so much to see so stopping at some different locations might be a good plan.
Below is one of the canal related Christmas cards i sent out to friends and family ashore and it is re-produced to wish all blog readers a HAPPY CHRISTMAS.


Nb Yarwood said...

Have a lovely Christmas Les. We are having Christmas aboard Caxton moored here at Foxton! Who knows, we might even meet up next year!!

Anonymous said...

Bit late im afraid but Merry Christmas and have a happy New year to boot

Sue said...

A new year, new thoughts.. go for it!

Sue xx

Les Biggs said...

Best Wishes to you all.
Loking out for Caxton.
It`s never to late Greywolf.
Sue tell Vic new chain on the saw.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog, spent most of the afternoon reading it. Hope to do as you have done one of these days.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs