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Friday, November 21, 2008


Just recently topped up my diesel tank for the first time since the Nov. 1st fuel duty rise and the introduction of the propulsion/rebated fuel declaration started.
My purchase from work boat pair Bletchley&Argus was a top up of 50+ litres and 10 bags of coal even though i burn a lot of logs the coal is used for overnight heat and as an emergency if I run out of logs. At least with 10 bags on board I am guaranteed to keep warm should the availability of fallen trees decline.
The diesel peter on Bletchley told me was 115p propulsion and 72p rebated to be used for generation of electrickery and hotty watery. So what % split do i want to declare Peter asks and I`m thinking i`ll be standing with windlass in the right hand...............

I swear to declare the percentage
all the percentage
and nothing but the percentage
so help me Brussels

but no nothing like that just my signature needed on the invoice. 20/80 was my choice ie 20% propulsion and 80% generation.
Now I based this on the fact that since i last filled up a few days before the start of all this EU nonsense i have used diesel more for elec and water heating than for moving the boat....i think but i`m not gonna sit up all night working it out so maybe next time i might do a 30/70 split if i feel it to be about right.
Some fuel suppliers are only selling on the HMRC recommended 60/40 while others are using a figure based on the 60/40 say 92p. All together a right mess.
Think of this possibility, you fill your tank and say 40% is for propulsion but you do a lot of cruising and suddenly you`ve used that 40% and all that`s left is 60% of rebated fuel! What now do you commit a crime and push on using rebated fuel tut! tut! how could you possibly think a boater would do such a thing, shame on you all OR do you pull the boat along the towpath perhaps miles to the next diesel seller and buy some propulsion fuel. Well i think HMRC should take on the Catholic view and set up a confessional accessed via an 0800 free phone so you could cleanse your bilges and pay the extra duty by debit card.
Anyways getting back on the fuel purchase i paid £42.55 so it worked out roughly 81p a litre on my total of 53 litres. I worked out roughly it cost me 43p per day extra against the last fill up.
Maybe one day i will do some proper figures then maybe i probably won`t because at the end of the day the boat will not move without diesel so just have to grin and bear it, at least i`ve got my bus pass to save some money.
All figures in this document are approximate.
The author will not be responsible for any headaches incurred trying to follow the figures.
The use of cash decimalisation and the word litre is by kind permission of the EU.
No trees were harmed during log cutting.
Just trying to put a little humour in as it`s been a s . . t week with the funeral, Tina/Andy leaving and now Tina rings to say Harley her 20yr old cat has passed away but life goes on so lets be thankful each day we wake.
Nite all

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs