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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well i have just put a large jacket potato in the oven and as i sit here typing the mist is closing in fast. The last few days have been very sunny but the nights have been cold, well outside it has but i am very snug and warm inside the boat thanks to the log burner. Had some heavy frosts the last few mornings and this morning the canal was covered in ice.
I have just recently changed my internet access from Orange to T-Mobile. The problem with Orange was the amount i could up/download was limited to 65MB per mth and this meant i had pictures dis-abled on my laptop and auto system updates restricted as these ate into my MB allowance dramatically.
Now with T-Mobile Web & Walk my allowance is 3 GB, that`s about 3000MB i think so as you can imagine i can now have the pictures & updates on all the time. Hope this is clear to you all as to me all this technology surrounds me like the mist outside that is by the way getting thicker as i type.
So the deal i got via Carphone Warehouse means i pay £15 per month on a 2yr contract, the Orange package was £23.50 for a lot less access. When i phoned Orange to cancel i wasn`t asked why i was cancelling, so much for customer service, but i guess they know the rates of other companys and i would not be surprised to see Orange change their rates soon. Apart from the money aspect the signal is better therefor faster surfing of the net is achieved.

Having left Braunston we travelled to Foxton stopping here and there as time was on our side.We wanted to be in Foxton for Saturday the 9th to attend a music night that was put on in aid of the East Midlands Air Ambulance. Tickets were £3 each and included sandwiches and hot dogs, as it was going to be a ticket only function owing to the limited space of the Bridge 61 pub we had phoned ahead to reserve our tickets.
So with this new internet deal i have emerged from the technology mist and experimented with putting video on the blog. The quality is not good as i used a basic digital camera and the lighting in the pub was low so i have included some photos as well. As you can see the musicians were on 2 sides of the room owing to lack of space. In the lower picture the 2 on the left came over from the west of Ireland just to play this one night.

Hope the video plays ok once i publish this blog and if all is ok i might do a daytime cruising video sometime.
Recently met up with 2 fellow travellers and bloggers, Chas&Ann on More2life & Mo&Vanessa on Balmaha and mo kindly told me how to do links. IF i have got it right you should be able to click on Balmaha above and go to their blog, I`m sure it will work when i publish my blog so thanks Mo/Vanessa and it was nice meeting you both for the first time.

Well i published but the video seems not to be there, all i can see is a square box when i view the blog as you would yet when i composed the blog the video was there. Sorry about that and i will try to find out what went wrong but in the meantime if anyone could put me right i would be grateful.

All is now ok on my PC see comments


Anonymous said...

Hi, the video works, but it is very poor. very dark and the camera swings around a bit to show, well I think, the ceiling?

nb.bobcat said...

Video is there. Takes a while to buffer. Sound okay but can't actually see anything. Point is the video is there!!! (for next time)

Mo said...

The video worked fine Les! The link to our blog worked too. Good to see you the other day, hope to meet up again some time

Anonymous said...


The video shows and plats fine thanks.

Les Biggs said...

Thanks for your replies,and i was amazed you all played it because i still could not see the video let alone play it. So i have jiggled about with some settings-don`t ask-
one i do remember changing is "allow pop-ups on Boats/Cruising Valerie"
and now i can see& play the video.

Nev Wells said...


Saw the vid and heard the singing -thanks for sharing it - only comment is your date posted says Thursday 13th Nov 2008 - so I recon you are a time lord !!

Nev (NB Waterlily)

Les Biggs said...

Hi Nev
yes i noticed the date/day.
I know i can change the date & time which is handy when composing a blog over several days and i assumed the day would auto match the date i entered.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs