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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


In the past week i have been in the very good company of 3 of my blog readers. First of all i met Dot & Derek from New Zealand on board their boat Gypsy Rover at Apsley and we had a very enjoyable hour or so chin wag.
Then a few days later John from Plymouth visiting his daughter in Hemel introduced himself and returned later with wife Jenny. Now these two were on a mission, before buying a boat and starting life on the cut they wanted to ask as many questions as possible and quite sensibly jotted down all the answers. Really the only way to go about boat purchase is to ask as many people the same questions and from the answers decide what would be good for you.It`s what i did and from the answers i started off with some definate wants such as a stainless steele water tank and a cassette type loo. Good luck John& Jenny in your search for happiness.
Now after mooring at winkwell into the pub walks Maffi Heading south on Milly M. So a nice drink and a chat took up the next hour or so.
So if anyone else is around please say hello and come aboard.

Just checked the blog and still only one comment on last posting. Thought there might have been some reaction to the one comment. Makes me wonder if i did the right thing or should i have upheld my right to publish. Mmmmmmmmm!


Anonymous said...

100% right to remove the picture

Handyspanner said...

Hi Les,

I have made a comment on your last post re the picture. I will also say to you, remember this is supposed to be the country of free speech and expression, do not let individuals remove this right that we have under the blanket of "political correctness" it unfortunately is becoming too common these days and our society is suffering because of it.



Anonymous said...

Get a LIFE Handyspanner

les said...

Thanks for your view.
But i have now decided in future i will publish as i wish, but i respect your right to object.

les said...

Annon (2)
I also think political correctness has gone to far (handyspanner Comment).
It is the right we all have to agree or disagree without running the risk of execution as in some countrys thats what i call having a LIFE.

Anonymous said...

Your all sad if you ask me

anti-boat person said...

Fuel prices may send Many boaters aground




Save our wildlife and enviroment

captain birdseye said...

Surely its quicker and cheaper by ca,train or at that rate Walking


Following the opening of Batchworth lock we have moved on to Cassio Bridge just a half hour walk from the mooring into Watford and practically within Cassiobury Park with it`s many walks.
Sitting here on the laptop i used a canal route planner to set a route to Llangollen. After setting in a few options ie cruising speed, time needed to navigate a lock etc it came up with the following.
246 miles
164 locks
13 moveable bridges
21 small aqueducts
6 tunnels
2 major aqueducts
Now having set the options of:
8hrs cruising per day (as if) Pheeew
15 mins per lock
It came up as 13 days to get to Llangollen!!!!!
Stuff that, it would be like working again. I expect we will get there late April early May PERHAPS
Anyway if you fancy planning a route for fun just google CANALPLAN AC

les said...

Anti Boat Person
I won`t include you for the summer cruise then.

les said...

Ahoy Capt. Birdseye
Speed is not important. My journeys are for pleasure and relaxation, to explore pastures new and meet people and so far it`s working out just fine.

Anonymous said...

without boaters the canals would silt up and fill up with rubbish which would be equally bad for wildlife .So perhaps anti boat person may want to think again.
A look around the Lichfield canal restoration site may further convince you.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs