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Sunday, April 30, 2006



Arrived at Marsworth on wednesday evening and took a pic of some of the nice things that life on the boat brings. The boat is moored just below the reservoir but the sunset was viewed out of the galley window although i took the pic up on the bank of the reservoir. The carp are always outside the White Lion pub where they are fed on a regular basis by the public visiting this very popular spot. With 7 locks, 2 reservoirs, 2 large pubs, 2 arms (wendover and aylesbury) and plenty of boats all within a mile, Marsworth is a popular spot for walkers, twitchers, anglers and the usual lock watchers. ( can`t remember how you spell that goongosler word)


Had a very plesant few days here but moved on before the place became to crowded with it being a B/Holiday w`end. Had a nice ride into Tring via the Wendover arm and as it was market day and sunny it was quite busy. The local auction rooms were open for pre- auction viewing so i had a nose around. Seemed to be full of all the sort of junk i had when trapped inside a house. If you want a good way to clear your junk just buy a boat. The end result is no clutter and FREEDOM.

Put some new tyres on the bike and decided to ride along the Aylesbury arm to the village of Wilstone with the intention of getting a paper but the only shop was shut at noon on a saturday, oh well the exercise was good. So back at the boat i decided to move up to the B/waterways yard at the jct of the Aylesbury arm and fill my water tank, empty the loo and dump the rubbish. That done it was onwards towards Leighton Buzzard to escape the crowds that for sure would be at Marsworth come sun/mon. Had the company of a hire boat from Gayton all the way up and he was keen to do the locks so out of the goodness of my heart i let him. He was on holiday and i can do them anytime so mustn`t be greedy. L Buzz is where iam now doing this blog, well not in the main part but a little further on amongst open fields in complete peace and quite except for the rain i can hear hammering down on the roof at 1am. Yes i know its 1am but i`m not going anywhere tomorrow unless i want to. F R E E D O M


nine9feet said...

"( can`t remember how you spell that goongosler word)"

Try "gongoozler" !!


Les Biggs said...

cheers now i can refer back to your comment for a spell check.
thanks and hope you keep reading.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les

I used to live near the White Lion, miles rather than yards, and it never ceased to amaze me the number and size of the Carp at that lock.

Very clever they were to, as soon as the season opened they went.

PS I like you spelling better Goongosler

See you out there!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs